Many Thanks This Day

As individuals, as veterans, as GLBT veterans with our families and supporters we have much to be thankful this November day of thanks.  I appreciate your continued hard work that has resulted in the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and now the smooth implementation of its repeal.  We are now steadily achieving our right to marry the one we love and bring our families into this warm glow of these holidays.  We have much to do to ensure federal employment protections for our community.

We must now extend American Veterans for Equal Rights mutual support to others to help them fully enjoy the many thanks we have.  We must continue our work as individuals and as AVER to keep our right to serve our country openly, to extend our right to marry throughout the country, to bring our Transgender Veterans and Service Members fully into our circle of fellowship and honor and for our equal right to work in our chosen professions.  We have much to do and together we will get it done.

From the fresh fallen snow of New England, over the rolling plains of the Midwest, to the sunny palms of Southern California, I wish for you, your friends and family gracious and glowing holidays.

Veterans Proudly serving since Valley Forge

Steve Loomis
LTC, EN, U.S. Army (Retired)
National President
American Veterans for Equal Rights