Obama Expresses Support for Same Sex Marriage

(ATLANTA) “AVER is very pleased to hear President Barack Obama express his support for same sex marriage,” said Danny Ingram, National President of American Veterans for Equal Rights, the nation’s LGBT Veterans Service Organization.”Not only does the Commander in Chief help complete the mission of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, by creating equality in the United States military for LGB service members who otherwise cannot access the same valuable benefits as their married heterosexual comrades, but he also reaffirms his own oath as President, the same oath for which many thousands of honored war dead have given their lives, to defend the Constitution of the United States,” continued Ingram. “The constitution clearly calls for equal protection under the law for every American citizen in the 14th Amendment.” Ingram concluded. “Its about time our political leaders started to take their oath to defend our nation’s freedom as seriously as the men and women in the armed forces who place their lives on the line for it everyday.”

Contact: Denny Meyer, AVER Public Affairs, 718 849-5665
Danny Ingram, AVER President, president@aver.us