President, Pentagon Certify Repeal of DADT

Atlanta, GA – Certification of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal is now official with the announcement by the White House this afternoon that President Obama, Defense Secretary Panetta, and Chairman Mullen have certified that the repeal of the DADT law will not harm US military readiness. The law will now officially end in 60 days, sometime in September. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual service members will then officially be able to serve with integrity and honor along with other patriotic volunteers in our American armed forces.

Danny Ingram, President of AVER and among the first to have been discharged under the policy in 1994, commented with two words: “Promise Kept!” Having been present in December when President Obama signed the repeal authorization legislation, Ingram said he had faith that the President of the United States would keep his word. “Today America is more free than we were yesterday.”

AVER continues to advocate for full and equal benefits for our service members; only when that is achieved will we have full equality.


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