AVER Annual Chapter Report

  • Thank you for taking the time to complete your Chapter's online Annual Report. This report is designed to meet the Local and National Management and legal requirements of our organization while keeping paperwork to a minimum. It allows the Local Chapter to keep records of its activities and allows National to provide reports back to the Local Chapters, IRS, potential donors and others. Reported individual member information is confidential and will not be provided outside the AVER National Board. All items with an * are required. If an item is not applicable, please enter N/A."
  • Chapter Information

  • Please attach the following so we can properly process your Annual Chapter Report. If you can not attach please send all attachments to secretary@aver.us.
  • Below are attachments that the Chapter can send to assist the National Board in processing your Annual Report. (i.e. Media showing Chapter's involvement in the community such as photos, videos, articles, etc.) You may also send additional documents to secretary@aver.us.
  • Chapter Membership

  • Chapter Financials

  • This section will help the AVER National Board in determining the financial status of the local Chapters. The information, unless noted, should reflect the National Fiscal Year (1 October 2012 - 30 September 2013).
  • Please attach a copy of Chapter's Balance Sheet dated as of September 2013.
  • Current Chapter Board/Officers

  • We are needing a list off all Chapter Board Members. The list needs to include Full Name, Title, Phone Number, Email, and Address (Street or Mailing). This list can be entered in the section below or be attached to this report using the attachment option below. All sections with an "*" are required.
  • History and Activities for 2013

  • Please describe the following activities for the Chapter that occurred in 2013. All sections with an * are required; if activity didn't occur please explain.
  • Goals for Coming Year

  • Recommendations