Membership in AVER includes both National and Chapter annual dues. Membership benefits include receiving AVER’s National Newsletter – The Forward Observer, discounted rates for national events, such as our biennial convention, and many others…The current dues, have not changed since August 2005, and are as follows:

  • Veteran and Non Veteran – $35.00 per year
  • Life Member – $500.00 (up to 3 installments, must be paid in full within one year)
  • Senior Life Member – FREE to all veterans who reach 80 years of age.
  • Active Duty and Active Duty Reserve (except IRR) – FREE

AVER dues are non-refundable.†

Proof of Service

Veterans must provide Proof of Service one time to a Chapter Officer or AVER Board Member. Acceptable forms are: DD-214, DD-2A, Military CAC or VA ID Card. Once it is verified by a Chapter Officer or AVER Board Member a copy of this document is no longer needed.

If you cannot scan and attach your POS, please mail a photocopy to:
AVER Membership
11012 Prospect Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

Any initial application without POS will be filed as Auxiliary Membership††† until POS is verified by a Chapter Officer or AVER Board Member.

Applying for AVER membership

Apply/Renew Online  Active Duty / Active Reserve Application


Download PDF

Download requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please mail application to:
AVER Membership
11012 Prospect Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112

Initial Applicants

  • Complete Application
  • Proof of Service (Verified by Chapter Officer or AVER Board)
  • Dues

Renewals / Update

  • Complete Application (with updated Information)
  • Proof of Service (if an update is needed)
  • Dues
Local chapters may vote upon additional periodic local dues for special projects. This does not affect National Dues. AVER-GLA does not have local dues at this time.  
†† AVER uses PayPal (FDIC) as our online payment gateway. PayPal does not require an account. All you need to process your dues via PayPal is (a) your credit/debit card, or (b) the routing and account numbers to process an electronic cheque on your bank account. If you pay via electronic cheque, your application date will be logged as the date that PayPal clears the transaction.
††† Auxiliary Membership is a membership held at the local Chapters and is generally a Non-Voting Member of the Local Chapter