AVER Sponsorship

AVER is a 501(c)3 volunteer non-profit organization. As such, beyond basic membership dues, we are largely dependent on outside fundraising, donations and sponsorship gifts, both at the national and local chapter levels. We very much appreciate the generosity both within and without the organization, and extend many thanks to those listed below.

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All gifts to AVER are tax deductible. To receive proper receipts for any donation of $250 or more, we require your return address. Regardless of the size of your gift, PayPal will email an electronic receipt to you for your records.

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The following general sponsorships
have been pledged since the AVER
2005 National Convention:

Plank Owner – $500

Lara Ballard
John Brady
Thomas T. Carpenter & Art Andrade
MAJ Jeffery M. Cleghorn, USA (Ret.)
Michael-Todd Kilmer, M.S.W. & Tim Breidigan
Ken Sholes
Tony Smith

Essayons – $250

John Ames
James Apedaile
Robert Stout

Flight Line – $150

James P. Donovan
Bill Joseph Helwig
Edward L. Modesto
Gigi B. Sohn
William T. Winnewisser

Grunts – $75

Francis Allen
Donna L. Groman
Fredric J. Mulvihill
Demetrio Munoz
Father Philip G. Salois, MS
Hank Thomas

The following have made donations
to help offset the cost of the
AVER 2007 National Convention:

In-kind donations have been made by the following:
CLAW traded a full page 2007 program advertisement with AVER, and has provided an information table for AVER during CLAW 2006-2008.

American Airlines
American Airlines Advantage miles program
American Airlines has provided
a 5% group flight discount.

AVIS AVIS Rent A Car System has
provided a car rental group
discount rate.

SLDN SLDN has generously donated a
number of items for attendees’
“goodie bags.”
Level VI
– $500.00+
Georgie's Alibi Video Bar, Cafe, and Sports Bar - free WiFi spot
Georgie's Alibi Video Bar, Cafe, and Sports Bar - free WiFi spot Georgie's Alibi Video Bar, Cafe, and Sports Bar - free WiFi spot Georgie's Alibi Video Bar, Cafe, and Sports Bar - free WiFi spot
Level V
– $250.00-$499.00

Log Cabin Republicans

AVER Florida Gold Coast Chapter

Level IV
– $150.00-$249.99

Equality Ohio . org

CheckMark Services, Inc. Accounting and Tax Practice

SLDN Note: This donation is in addition to the
generous in-kind donation listed above.

Ron T. Clarke – AVER Region IV VP

Level III
– $80.00-$149.00

TAVA Ohio Chapter

Body Language - Cleveland Ohio

Chicago Chapter of AVER

Level II
– $45.00-$79.99


Bill Mullins
Dick Rogers

Level I
– $25.00-$44.99

– up to $24.99

Amy Mundhenk

Please note: some sponsors are not listed due to their request for anonymity. Because some of our veterans and civilian members still cannot be “out” in every aspect of their lives, AVER always has and always will respect such wishes.