DADT Repeal in December 2010

American Veterans for Equal Rights joins other groups demanding an end to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in calling for Congress to stay in Washington until the law is repealed.  We support any legislation that is put forth in good faith to accomplish the goal of repeal in 2010, and we are deeply grateful for members of Congress from both parties who are working very hard to accomplish repeal before the end of yet another year of this disgraceful and dishonorable law.

However, AVER also holds President Barack Obama accountable for his promise to lift the ban in 2010, and while we agree with the President that having Congress repeal DADT is the best way to end the law, we also strongly urge Mr. Obama to prepare his own plan to end the law should Congress fail to accomplish the mission.  President Obama can issue a stop-loss order to terminate discharges, and order the Justice Department to discontinue appeal of Judge Virginia Phillips’ ruling that the law is “unconstitutional”. These actions would end DADT immediately, allowing the President to keep his promise for 2010.

Ultimately, Congress did not make a promise to end the law by the end of 2010. President Obama did. Whatever course the President chooses to take, putting pressure on Congress or ending the ban himself, AVER is confident that DADT will end before the 112th Congress convenes on 03 January 2011. The majority of the American people support the repeal, and the military supports repeal. President Obama must not allow a shrinking number of bitter Senators to dictate the policies of the nation. Momentum favors repeal, and AVER fully expects that President Obama will honor his promise and end the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law before December 31, 2010.

Danny Ingram, National President
American Veterans for Equal Rights