AVER supports Rep. Murphy and the 60/60 Initiative

Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA) has taken over the helm of MREA2009 – the Military Readiness Enhancement Act (H.R.1283).  This bill will repeal the ban on open and honest service by patriotic LGBT Americans.  MREA has already surpassed 160 co-sponsors, leaving less than 60 to go to hit the simply majority milestone. In full support of Rep. Murphy’s renewed push to bring more co-sponsors on board, AVER agrees with SLDN‘s 60/60 Initiative — 60 new co-sponsors in the next 60 days.

More information about this bill, how to find out if your Representative has signed on as a co-sponsor yet, and how to contact your Representative, plus a regularly-updated map to track the bill at a glance, is always available at the AVER Action Alerts page.