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Forward Observer

April 2013 . Volume 7 . Issue 1

  • 2013 Convention News
  • VA Commitment to Minority Vets: Why Not Us?
  • Benefits Extended to Same-Sex Domestic Partners
  • Remembering two fallen Vets

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previous issues

September 2012 . Volume 6 . Issue 2 – Pride 2012 Review: One Year Anniversary of the End of DADT

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April 2012 . Volume 6 . Issue 1 – AVER Convention & OutServe Summit : Is Our Future in a Commission for Rights of Military Service?; GLASS : Illinois naval base starts first gay and lesbian support group; Proposed National LGBT Veterans Memorial
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June 2011 . Volume 5 . Issue 2 – President and Pentagon Certify Repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy; Albuquerque to Host National Convention Oct 6-9, 2011
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January 2011 . Volume 5 . Issue 1 – DADT Repeal Act of 2010 Passes; Local Chapters Observe Veterans Day; Albuquerque Convention 2011
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September 2010 – 20th Anniversary Wreath-Laying Ceremony at Arlington; Local Chapters Celebrate Pride; Veterans Lobby Days 2010 Report
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April 2010 – AVER Prepares for Operation Golden Eagle in DC; A Brief History of GLBVA/AVER; Caring for LGBT Troops and Vets; AVER’s Future as a Veterans Service Organization
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January 2010 – AVER 2009 National Convention Recap; National Equality March on Washington; AVER Veterans March Across America on Veterans Day
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September 2009 – Summer Pride Recap; Former President Nancy Russell seated on AVER Board; Gold Coast Chapter “Fights” Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
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December 2007 – Elmer & Gus – Since 1945; A Soldier Speaks – Danny Ingram; The Forgotten Veterans; Veterans Day.
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August 2007 – MREA 2007; National Convention; Memorial Day; Summer Pride; Taps.
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November 2006 – Florida Air Show; AVER 2007 National Convention; Summer Pride; In Memorium.
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September 2005 – AVER 2005 Convention, Los Angeles, CA; Summer Pride Events; Anti-DADT Resolutions.
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March 2005 – Backed by 52 others, Representative Martin Meehan (D-MA) Introduces the Military Readiness Enhancement Act of 2005. A Bill Which Could Signal The End of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”
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December 2004 – Lawsuits bring DADT Front and Center; Pride Parades mingle with Veterans Day Parades.
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September 2004 – National Convention in Washington, DC; Summer Pride events around the nation.
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May 2004 – AVER prepares for the National Convention in Washington DC, in combination with SLDN Lobby Days.
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