Shakeup at OutServe-SLDN

There is news this morning of a shakeup at OutServe-SLDN. American Veterans for Equal Rights strongly supports the mission of SLDN and Outserve. We stand with our sister organization as they face some troubling times. Few organizations have accomplished as much over the years to secure the rights of LGBT service members and provide direct legal support as SLDN, and Outserve is an essential organization in provided support to active duty LGBT service members. This mission is critical, and we wish great success to this organization in overcoming these current challenges. The mission of supporting our LGBT men and women in uniform is first and foremost the basic element of all we do. AVER is confident that OutServe-SLDN will continue to carry out its important and highly valued mission.

AVER is particularly concerned with the many remarkable and dedicated individuals who have been hurt by this problem who have given so much of their hearts to our cause. Especially to each of them we want to express our gratitude for all your dedication and your many accomplishments. We especially want to be supportive of Allyson Robinson and Sue Fulton who have been on the front lines of the successful fight for LGBT service from the beginning. Please know that we love and support you both.

Danny Ingram, National President
American Veterans for Equal Rights